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A few brief notes on using a business class adsl connection from U.TV with 5
static ip addresse(a /29).

You'll need an adsl router for this, the usb modems supplied by most isp's wont
cut it, i used a Conexant AMX-CA64E from (quicklinx 17P8WS)

You'll probaby need to upgrade your routers firmware (I did), follow the
manufacturers instructions for doing so. Ensure everything is working after
upgrading firmware and before making any changes.

Make sure you have all the relevant information at hand, if you dont have a
backup internet connection then print out the emails U.TV should have sent you
and any documentation you feel will help.

The information i got from U.TV was as follows:

Fixed IP Address   
Network Address    
Internal Gateway Interface
Host 1             
Host 2             
Host 3             
Host 4             
Host 5             
Subnet Mask        
Metric                       3
Cisco Format      

The only really relevant information is the Internal Gateway Interface, your
Host addresses and the Subnet Mask. 

Firstly, setup the LAN interface on your router to the internal gateway
interface address ( in my case) with a subnet mask of, making sure you have NAT turned off (note: this is very
important, if NAT is turned on this wont work!) and the correct username,
password, vci no' etc, reboot the router with this configuration saved.

Configure your first pc to have the first host address ( here) with
a subnet mask of and the gateway set as the internal gateway
interface address (, you will need to set up your isp's nameserver
addresses as well, U.TV's dns boxen are at and Setting
this information varies wildy for different os's, on debian woody you edit the
file /etc/network/interfaces and then use "ifup eth0" to bring the interface

Once your interface is up you should now be able to connect to the web
interface of the router and out to the internet, if not try some basic network
trouble shooting -Are the ip's and subnet masks correct? Is the cable plugged
in?Do the leds on the router blink as they should? Assuming everything is
working correctly, you can add more computers at your leisure, giving each new
device the next available ip ( with the same gateway and
subnet mask.

I came across a few gotcha's when setting this all up: The first one being
trying to use Konqueror to initially configure the web interface, Konqueror
doesnt seem to handle javascript too well and consequently some of the
configuration menus didnt appear. Changing to mozilla rectified this.

It is possible to configure the router in such a way that you may no longer be
able to get access to the web interface, this didnt happen to me but looking
through some of the newsgroups on uk.telecom.broadband this seemed quite
common. The intructions to reset routers can normally be found with a quick
search of

U.TV seem to be a bit lax with thier DNS settings, for example my ip's turned
out to be all registered under *, this shouldnt really matter but it
can be a bit strange when you log into an irc channel and it shows your
[email protected] :)

Hope these instructions help you in some way, ive never been particularly good
at explaining things to people so if they make no sense to you its probably not
your fault :)

[email protected]

By Pete McEvoy
Created: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 12:18:11 +0000
Ammended: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 12:24:34 +0000