BLUG: Constitution 2002: All Ready For Voting...

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   1.  Aims and Objectives

         1. To provide a forum to discuss and gain experience of the
            GNU/Linux operating system.

         2. To help and educate interested parties in the usage of
            GNU/Linux and related software.

         3. To promote the use of Free Software as a viable alternative to
            proprietary techniques.

   2. Membership

         1. Membership shall be obtained by subscribing to the BLUG mailing

         2. All members shall be bound by this constitution.

         3. All members may vote on any motion brought before the
            membership by the Committee. Any such ballot shall be organised
            and adminstered by the committee or it's appointed

         4. All members shall be eligible to vote on the composition of the

   3. Committee

         1. The Committee shall run the society on behalf of the members,
            pursuant to the objectives of this constitution.

         3. Committee decisions shall be decided by way of a majority vote.

         4. The quorum for all votes held by the Committee shall be three

         5. The Committee shall elect a Chairman from amongst it's members.
            The Chairman may use his casting vote when a Committee Vote is
            otherwise tied.

         6. The Committe may appoint members of the group to named postions
            (eg. Electoral Officer, Mailing List Moderator, etc.) for a
            term of not longer than one year. There is no limit to the
            number of terms that any one person may serve in such a role,

   4. Election of Committee

         1. The Committee shall consist of seven full members of the group.

         2. To seek election, each candidate shall either be nominated by
            any other member, or may volunteer.

         3. Members shall be eligible to vote or be elected to the
            committee if they have been full members of the society for
            more than one month at the date of the election. This shall be
            proved by checking with the mailing list subscription logs.

         4. The sitting Committee will be responsible for appointing an
            electoral officer who will oversee the administration for the
            election. This will involve checking eligability and tallying

         5. The quorum for the Committee Elections shall be ten members, or
            15% of the group's membership, whichever is the higher. If the
            quorum is not met, the current committee shall continue in
            their posts for a further term. If any members of the current
            committee have not stood for re-election, they may be deemed to
            have resigned, and the procedure outlined in paragraph 4.7
            should be followed.

         6. The Committee shall be appointed by way of a non-stochastic
            Single Transferable Vote election. Votes shall be returned to
            the Electoral Officer by email.

         7. If any Committee member resigns during his term of office, the
            committee may co-opt any eligible replacement from the wider
            group membership.

By Rory Irvine
Created: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 09:44:29 +0000
Ammended: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 13:16:21 +0000