BLUG: Minutes of 2001 Annual General Meeting

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Review of last AGM's minutes.

We discussed increasing the membership. Suggestions were that we may like to consider two lists one technical and one social. Some kind of web forum was also suggested. No decisions were taken about this.

A stand in PC world as a Linux/BLUG advocacy thing was suggested. Could the new Liaison officer look into doing something about this.

No comments on points 2, 3 & 4

Web Site

Would people please consider writing articles or something for the web site. It was agreed that whoever won the election should ensure that the following were done regularly.


A fixed date is necessary. None was set, this is an issue for the committee to look into. It was decided that we would like to see monthly meetings with a venue announced ahead of time as this may encourage attendance.

Suggestions For A Venue

The liaison officer and the talks officer should liaise on getting this sorted. We talked a little about the format of the meetings and decided that the previous anarchic format seemed to work quite well for us. One or two short talks and then we can mill about and discuss Linuxy things. It would be really good if we can get internet access at the venue.


The following people were elected:

Chairman Russell Matbouli
Liaison Officer Rory Irvine
Technical Officer Marty Pauley
Talks Organiser Marc Kerr (Stray Toaster)
Librarian Andrew Wilson
Web Site Dave Wilson
Treasurer (unfilled)


After a short discussion it was decided that we should adopt an interim constution that allows us to carry out elections and constitution amendments via electonic communication.

We decided to accept most of the constution that Rory posted with a few minor amendments.

The amendments

By Andrew Wilson
Created: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 23:06:00 +0000