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Rebel Code - Linux and the Open Source Revolution

Author: Glynn Moody
Imprint: Penguin

Amazingly i actually borrowed this book from an SEELB library.. but anywhoos.. The book is basically a biography of GNU/Linux and details how it started off, to where it's reached in the business world today. It starts off talking about how the Free Software Foundation was started and goes into a good bit of detail about Richard Stallman and his motives. From there it continues to talk about many of the top GNU/Linux people including names like Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox, Eric Raymond, Ted Tso and many more. From there the book branches into GNU/Linux's affect on the business world and how things started to snowball from Netscapes release of Navigator as Open Source. We then learn much about how different distributions started to pop up and how those companies have affected how GNU/Linux has evolved and become more well known. Finally the book comes to a close with a chapter about how the GNU/Linux boom seems to have slowed down because of the dot-com bust, but yet is not beaten.

I throughly enjoyed this book as it's gives a great background knowledge on many different elements of the GNU/Linux movement and is very well written, so even the lowest of us mortals can understand. Very well recommended.

FYI: I have my own copy of this book which i will lend to anyone who wishes to borrow it. Send me an e-mail if you want it.

By Scott McWhirter
Created: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 19:33:04 +0000
Ammended: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 19:48:28 +0000